Creating the cover of a novel takes a lot of care and attention.


As a graphic designer, my role is to understand what the text is about, to feel what the author wants and to give a result that is both faithful and satisfying. Book covers are often complex creations, not in their technique, but in their composition which combines an image, a text and a layout which corresponds to very precise standards and codes.


A novel is a product that sells and its cover therefore plays a major role!

You don't judge a book by its cover, they say.

Perhaps, but it is a very rare thing all the same!

And, well, a beautiful book always pleases (the reader and the author)!


In my work for the publishing house Beta Publisher ,

I got down to the creation of covers in all genres:

from the SFFF, to the thriller without forgetting the young adult or the romance.

A multiplicity of styles and personality of authors which allowed me to diversify my line and my understanding of the different expectations of each one.

Funeste Albion
Lignes Noires
Incarnations T2
Les Trois Gardes T3
Je Suis La Mort
Paris au XXe siècle
Dieu 2.0 T1
Justan Lockholmes T1
L'Artisan Meurtrier T1
Métamorphoses T1
Incarnation T1
Dieu 2.0 T3
Darwin XXI
Les Enfants d'Astra - T1
Les Nocturnes T3
Les Nocturnes T2
Je suis la Mort
Je suis la Mort
Ligne Noires
L'étoile d'Orion
77 Assassins
Les Trois Gardes T2
Les Nocturnes T1
Métamorphoses T2