To create websites, I would like to point out that I am not a web developer. The tool I use is WIX and all the sites I present here have been made thanks to this plateform, including this one.

I had the opportunity to create showcase websites for various companies operating in various sectors of activity, such as real estate, accounting, but also publishing.

BETA PUBLISHER is the first company I worked with. I created their website for them, which I continue to maintain so that it remains in line with their expectations. This site is one of the most complete that I have had to create with modules from:

  • Online sales

  • Blog

  • News

  • Chat

  • Newsletter

LA CROIX DU LOUP is another publishing house with which I had the opportunity to work. Their editorial line is more sober with an axis of publications very focused on Nature.

Completely other field, ECPIM is a Chartered Accountant company specialised in Real Estate!

There the various features implemented are quite simple. The goal: a professional and uncluttered showcase site!

DOMETECH, in the line of ECPIM, follows a fairly simple graphic design with an emphasis on the various services offered.

A style again quite refined and close to the graphic charter of their accounting solution.

MY. SYNDIC BENEVOLE, as well as all the other MY sites. developed by the company, were createde by me and will soon be reproduced to no longer be supported by WIX.

Nevertheless, all the graphic identity of the sites will be entirely preserved.

A simple and effective style for a communication that is just as much!